Course options 2015

Session 2 Definitive Photography for students having completed Photography Fundamentals (beginners) now concluded

*Session in progress April - May 2016
  • Photography Fundamentals – Intensive
    Next Session One commences March 2016
  • Cost: $460 per person
    2hr sessions
    8 weeks
    This course is an in depth delivery of Photography Fundamentals

  • Definitive Photography
    Cost: $460 per person
    2hr sessions
    8 weeks
    This course includes basic image editing techniques, various brief based location shoots and home assignments. Assumes good working knowledge of all manual operations of an SLR/DSLR.

    Ideally suited for students having completed Photography Fundamentals (beginners)

  • Masterclass
    Cost: $460 per person
    Includes 1 all day session
    with some night shooting
    Plus 2 x 2 hr lessons

    Invitational super sessions
    (need to have completed Definitive course or equivalent)
  • A Day in the Life
    Cost: POA

    Click on the link to view highlights of an invitational >> Day in the Life super session workshop held on Sunday 8th February 2015.

    * Please note:
  • CDP reserves the right to modify the course options including starting dates and price adjustments
  • Requires minimum 2/3 students to run a course
  • Enrolment in Definitive Photography class for students who have completed Photography Fundamentals courses.

Tracy Jay teacher of photography at CDP

Gold Coast and Kingscliff photographers, Tracy Jay and Michael Bryant are the teachers at CDP workshops.

Michael Bryant - Teacher of Photography at CDP

Some of the aspects of photography covered in our courses. In depth exploration will be covered in the Intensive and Definitive Photography Sessions:

  • Manual exposure
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Time
  • ISO
  • Focal Length/zoom
  • Freezing the Action
  • Shooting for Mood
  • Low light environments
  • Macro
  • Black and White

The lessons involve a new brief each week for shooting on location with the instructors. Critique and feedback offered following location shoots.

Course Requirement:
A digital or film camera. This could be a point and shoot or an SLR. However a camera with some manual controls over shutter and aperture will be needed.

All new Online Sessions are planned to be included in CDP workshop structure during 2016

These online lessons are an ideal option for those who cannot attend the location based workshops.

  • No set time to complete the 8 week courses
  • Flexible learning delivery
  • Do the course from any location
  • No minimum student requirement to commence
  • All that is needed is your camera, time and an
    internet connection

Please feel free to enquire:

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